Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Food web

Disruption: for science we did food webs a little bit of art (about food webs) we had To make samples & looked at anamals and if we take something out it infects the entire food web.

Big idea: to make a food web & have what that eats & is eaten by & where it lives I choose U.S

Friday, 19 June 2015

Flooding on Saturday

On Saturday I went to the Mangone Stream on Rangitikei line, and saw the flooding in the river. there was also a road workers that blocked the road, and some person just drove straight past them the went in to the water and got stuck, the water was about 3 to 4 feet of water he opened the door and water poured into his car. I laughed then we saw a boy racer almost crash because of the water it was fun!!!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Two stars and a wish

My first star is completing the goal I have worked on
My second star is getting closer to the self derected wall

My goal is completing the self managing wall

I hope I compleate this goal

te reo

description:for t reo which is when the kappa haka kids go to kappa haka practise
we stay back and made a video of talking in maori

big idea: talk in maori to another person and try not get anything wrong

this is my video watch it now

feedback/feedford: I think you could talk a bit more Flovent and try say it a bit more like your not reading it. Jonty
evaluation: i think i could talk a bit clearer and practise

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Writing portfolio sample

Description: my goal is conjunctions I think I can probably put more conjunction in my writing

Big idea: write a story with conjunctions and to make them hooked

My writing

Evaluation: I think I could put a bit more conjunction's  and I need to work on detail.

Feedback/feed ford: I like the story. Next time you could put a bit more conjunction's in it. Tane :)

new NZ flag

Description: In New Zealand, there will be a vote this year for a new flag. One reason we might get a new flag is that we aren't ruled by England anymore. I have chosen a flag to say why I like it.

                                               The new nz flag that I need I need!!!
I think this should be the nz flag because:
Nothing about UK
Has a silver fern
Represents New Zealand

That is why this flag must be the new flag must be!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

Discription:the teachers made a poster with 4 questions on it and i need to do sums and other stuff

Big idea: sum more then 550
Sum less then 250
Have a difference between 40 and 60
Have a difference more then 120

Air hockey table and tent 
300+300 600
50+40 90
9+1 10
Basketball and shoes
2. 98-32 66
90-30 60
8-2 6
Shoes and bag
3.42+98 140
40+90 130
2+8 10
Tent and bag
Evaluation: I think I worked really hard and did the right strategy but I could try using a strategy that I have'int used before to make it a bit more harder.

Feedback/feedford: I think you did really well and you worked really had and you have nothing to work on-aria

Monday, 1 June 2015

Around the world

Description: for litricy we had two make a post about one of our tic tac toe activities and I chose around the world it is about a book that you have read you make a post about that it is happening in the world but if it isin't happing you can't do it.

Text to Text When you make a Text to Text connection you relate two bits of text together
Text to self When you make a Text to Self connection you relate something that you have done that is in the text
Text to World When you make a Text to World connection you relate something in the text to something that's happened in the world

Evaluation: I think it's that I did a good discripsone but I could maybe make the post a bit more detailed.

Feedback/Feedfordward: I think your description was good but maybe put more detail in your post. Houston