Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Spooky places

Before this place was a broken down town it was the best town in the land, because it had the best shops and  the best food, so that so much people came and ate and bought a lot and it was where the queen lived, so that it was so special and before that where the queen lived it was a farm and, before that it was a forest until  people came and cut the trees down. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The hare and the Tortoise

  1. Once there was a Hare who used to laugh scornfully at a Tortoise because he plodded along so slowly. "You never can get anywhere with those short legs of yours. Look at my long legs! They're so swift no one would dare race me."


    All the animals of the forest were tired of hearing the Hare brag. At last the Tortoise said, "If we were to run a race, I'm sure I would beat you."



    The animals were astonished for they knew the Tortoise was the slowest of them all, and the Hare, bursting into loud laughter, cried, "What a joke! That slowpoke thinks he can beat me! Come on, Mr. Tortoise, you shall see what my feet are made of. Why I can beat you before you are even half-started!"


    "You'd better not be too sure," cautioned the Tortoise


    All the big and little animals gathered to watch the race. At the signal the Hare leaped forward in a great bound and soon left the plodding Tortoise far behind him on the dusty road. Looking back, the Hare could not even see the Tortoise after a little while.


    "Hum-m, I've as good as won this race already," the thought, "There's really no reason to hurry." So, as the sun was very warm, he decided to rest a bit under a shady tree. "I'll come in way ahead of that Tortoise, anyhow," he told himself.


    Soon he was sound asleep. the little rest stretched into a good long nap.

    Meantime, the Tortoise jogged steadily along on the hot, dusty road, ever so slowly, but surely, and soon he passed the Hare who was still peacefully sleeping.

    Quietly the Tortoise plodded on nearing the goal. When the Hare finally woke up with a start, he saw the Tortoise just reaching the finish line far ahead and he could hear all the animals cheering the winner.

    Boastful and careless, the Hare had lost the race. Now he would never again be able to count on his speed!

  2. 1.Who won the race and how?  The Tortoise because he never stopped and was not tired

  1. 2.What was the moral (or lesson that can be learned) from the story?  Slow and stedy beats the race

  1. 3.Write one text to self connection you have made with the story. I played soccer and sam always got the ball because I never tried 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Catch me if you can (defending)

Every week we learn about skills and movement that will help us play sports. This term’s focus has been around defense. We made a video showing some of the goals we have been practicing. I have ticked the thing that I have done well and I have put a black box in what  I need to work on 

WALT:Defensive skills and movements SuccessCriteria:

Body Movement
 ☑️Weight on balls of feet
 ☑️ Feet shoulder width apart
☑️ Knees flexed
☑️ Concentration and eyes on ball, head and eyes up 
☑️ Push hard off outside foot and go forwards to attack pass 
☑️ Quick small feet, stay on balls of feet
☑️ Arms within confines of body
☑️ Take feet to ball
◾️ Land with a SBP

◾️Body angled to see player and ball
☑️ Anticipate pass and player movement

Restrictive Markin
☑️ Meet player as they start towards the ball/where they want to go
☑️stay close to the attacking player
◾️Head and eyes up, arms close to body to avoid obstruction/contact
☑️Angle body so attacking player is ‘pushed’ away from where he/she wants to go 
◾️0.9m from ball carrier 

I think that I did well in everything. But I need to work on  the 0.9 of a meter rule because I play soccer and the rules are different in soccer to netball.

Feedback/Feedford: I think you did well with defending and knowing where the ballmis going but I think you can work on is doing explosive movement. Houston

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Discovery time

Discripson:today at discovery time we made a marble track whith tunnels and cut in half noodles for the pool and used cookie pads and chairs and a white bord table 

Excellence ☑️


Inspiring ☑️

We showed excellence because we never gave up and keeped trying no matter what

 we showed creativeaty becausewe used everything that we could use

we showed inspiring because it was only 5 people than 7 then 9 people joining in 

by tom,jaden,metat,Thomas b and m and  hunter 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ing six sentence starter (evidence of learning

Sprinting in to the forest I found a running tree, it was flying no running yes flying it was amazing. The  just then I found a flying leaf it was brown and green. Sprinting away I found a old house and a old man he quickly pulled me into his house and put me in a stick cage and turned into a which I new there was something funny about that man, the cage made out of sticks so I kicked and got free. Sprinting away I found a pair of wings I put them on and got running but I wasn't I was flying it must be these wing I said to myself. Flying I hit a tree it had a doorway that was small then I found a elf hat I put it on and  turned into a elf so I opened the door and I was back home in my bed it must of been a dream.

Blockers and drivers (evidence of learning)